Our products are essential to numerous industries.

Many Shinko Hamono products are mounted in machinery, so they are seldom visible in day-to-day life. However, the processes necessary for manufacturing household appliances, motor vehicles, and other familiar products depend on Shinko Hamono products. Moreover, in recent years we have worked to contribute to the emergence of a sustainable society by developing cutting blades for recycling plastic and scrap tires.

Shinko Hamono products are essential to a variety of industries.

Steel Mills

Slab mills, plate mills, hot rolling mills, pickling plants, etc.

Dividing Shears
Flying Crop Shears
Side Trimmer Knife

Steel Plate Processing

Motor vehicles, electronic equipment, building materials, ships, etc.

Slitter Knives
Shear Blades
Scrap Chopper Knives

Construction & Architecture

Processing of building materials (Shaped steel, deformed steel rod) etc.

Cold Shears(bar)
Cold Shears(angle)
Online Blade

Industrial Machinery Parts

Machine tools and molding machines

Side trimming knife holder

Environmental Processes

Scrap metal processing, demolition, solid waste pulverization

Blades for Single-axis Crushers
Blades for Multi-axis Crushers
Guillotine Blades