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We added and updated the equipments in 2017.

We added and updated the equipments in 2017.

Flat-surface gringing machine(PSG305DX)(updated)


Flat-surface gringing machine(overhaul)



To improve productivity and precision of shear blades, sliding rails, etc. 1 surface grinding machine has been updated to the latest model,
Two overhauls were done.

(Updated:Amagasaki Factory equipment/overhaul:Kanzaki Griding equipment)

CNC Vertical composite grinding machine(added)


We increased the productivity of the rotary knife and expanded to accommodate high precision required work such as knife holders and special parts.
We introduced the grinding facility of the round for the first time at the Nakamachi Plant. In the future, we plan to expand further, and we have also repaired the old factory to the building with the temperature-controlled room at the same time.

(added:Nakamachi Factory equipment)

Corporate management system(updated)

Updated the conventional management system.


Production management, quality control, outsourcing management, inventory management, sales management, customer management of existing management system
Together with Purchasing Management and Financial Management, we started the total management system.

We renovated to make it possible to make use of the capabilities of PC efficiently in business by performing database building.
(equipped in all factory. )